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Starting the Road to Toyko

“Fortes Fortuna Juvat” Fortune favors the Brave

Nothing great in life is achieved without dedication and sacrifice. I am putting this into the universe. Team Brandon needs your help. I am training to prepare for the US Paralympic Trials in April 2020. My #1 concern for anxiety has been money. Next season is very uncertain, and I have yet to acquire financial support on the #roadtotokyo . It starts now. Moving into 2019 I need to take every opportunity I can for as much training as possible with the coaches, and trainers that can impact me the most as an athlete. You can help.

Another way to assist me with expenses is if you know of a company looking for a spokesperson, a paid speaker or a sponsee, please contact me. You can also donate at my athlete page Without your support, this road is at an untimely end.

Through it all, I have strived for my disease to not define who I am and keep focused on my goal to one day compete at the Paralympics. In 2016 I made Team USA and competed for a slot to advance to the 2016 Paralympics. Spoiler!!! I didn’t make it!!

Through my journey, I have faced many complications with Systemic Lupus, Addison’s and a blood clotting condition. I have been challenged mentally and physically, suffering 10 heart attacks, clots in my lungs, severe fevers, infections, and other issues. Despite these challenges I have won 7 US National Championships in Sprint Kayaking, become healthier, stronger and been able to overcome challenges that doctors thought I could not. My determination and thinking out of the box has allowed me to define my own path and not let Systemic Lupus be what defines me.

What I need

I need sponsors and donations to help me train. My training would be with Team USA Coaches and other coaches in Florida, Oklahoma, and California. The money raised will help cover my travel expenses (gas, plane flights), living (rent, hotels, and food), racing (race entry fees), boat and training costs, that continue now through the summer of 2020 (pending my early-season race results), and competitions across the county and overseas which is where we need to compete and race against international competitors.

In the event that this campaign raises more than I need, the excess money will be donated to the Athletes with disAbilities Network Northeast (ADNNEC) which helps disabled veterans, community members and youth through mentoring outreach and adaptive sports programs. (

Motto “Always in the Fight!”

Support my Rally

I have overcome so much and it would mean the world to me to have your support to pursue this lifelong dream. Those who choose to stand in the face of adversity are forever strengthened and Forged by life’s most difficult challenges. I can be followed on my athlete page

“There will always be obstacles that we face and at these times of adversity it comes down to how we respond. Do we rise to the occasion or give up? I will always be in the fight and take what you perceive as a limitation and change it to limitless possibilities by adapting.”

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