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Forward-Always Forward

I was honored last year to represent the United States as a team USA member of the National Paracanoe Team The time has come and training has begun. I am pushing forward to prepare for team trials, national championships and world championships this year. It takes a lot of dedication and time to prepare last year and that focus and dedication does not stop. I cannot achieve my goals without the help of all of you. The expenses of training, travel, insurance, conditioning all add up and having the support allows me to be able to focus. Because of donors and support the stress becomes less and provides more time to focus on the areas I should be. My Rally is to ask everyone for a simple donation of $5-$10 and if you can give more thank you so much.

It amazing how getting so many small donations can make such a difference. Please help me in sharing my page, getting the word out and helping make my dreams possible! Donate Today

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