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Life Day

This August marks my ten year anniversary of when my new life began as an amputee. Prior to having this second amputation I went through approximately 4 months of debridement, hyperbaric chamber treatments and lots of pain meds. I don't remember everything from my time in the hospital, but I remember enough. Looking forward and seeing how my life has changed, I cannot complain because it would do no good and not solve a thing. So I celebrate life and this has been an amazing year with so many positive things that have taken place that I am thankful every day. Everyone in life has their own personal battles that they can chose to face or ignore and let these challenges impact their life negatively. We all go through this transition and I have been fortunate enough that I have had a great support network of family, friends and all those that have become family/friends through my journey.

I have learned that asking for help is a good thing, because there are people willing to help, they just need to know you are in need. I’ve had emotional moments speaking to groups and don’t know when these moments will hit me, but it is because I am proud and honored to share this journey with so many amazing people. Being able to see history in the making, friends going to Rio, others working hard to achieve their goals and dreams. The motivation and spirit to succeed has to come from within, but getting a swift kick to keep you on task and seeing others strive for their dreams helps. Thank you to my girlfriend, family, friends who have had patience with me when I have been not in the best of moods because of pain, lack of sleep and for bringing me back to earth to be reasonable in my expectations of myself. Looking to the future I will always have to adjust and deal with Lupus, but is how I handle things that make the difference. Always in the Fight!!

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