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Update, 16 day countdown to trials.

Time is going by so fast and there are only 16 days to go to team trials. The Weather has not been great in the Pa, NJ area, but it is finally warming up during the day to get more time on the water in. In the meantime the kayak ergometer will have to do and April 17th, training ride and bike. Looking forward to seeing many of you at Nomehegan Park.

April 30th Comedy Fundraiser: Union Knights Columbiettes are hosting a comedy fundraiser 700pm at the Knights of Columbus 1054 Jeanette Ave Link: Comdey Link (click here)

I will not be attending the event because I will be at team trials. Thank you all that are able to attend the event. The funding will be used for competition, travel and expenses.

Fundraising- To date I have raised $655 towards the upcoming World Championship costs. Any help in spreading the word for fundraising would be greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible and can be made via my this page or athlete site. Donate (click here) you are not worried about the tax deduction you can donate directly to the contact information on my page.

Please take the time to check out the new video! Thank you again sponsors!!!

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