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Phillies Vs. Mets Fundraiser and Tailgate

Hello Everyone,

Our Phillies Baseball fundraiser is approaching fast and the stadium is almost sold out. Many great organizations are helping us make this a great event! Come out and support us at the tailgate, game or both!!!

Come join Athletes with Disabilities Northeast Chapter and Officer Josh Vadell This Blue Life Matters Foundation,

Location Citizens Bank Park,

Date: Saturday August 12th,

Time: 7:05pm Phillies vs. Mets

Tickets are available for $43.00 each in section 234-237.

Ticket Purchase and Tailgate ticket purchase Go to-Phillies fundraiser

We have 400 tickets in section 234-237 for $43.00 each, but handicap seating is limited and may have to be purchased in different sections. People can purchase tickets in any section of the stadium by calling the sales office at 215-463-5000 and provide them with the code AWDN so we are credited with the purchase. Below is the information that is on the flyer if you can please spread the word.

Tailgate 12:00pm Lot M (Corner of Patterson and Darien) $15.00 per adult/$5 kids and this covers food, drink.

(water, soda), game trailer for kids.

  • Game Trailer for kids

  • RV

  • Music

  • Food

  • Shirts for sale

Website: go to Phillies Fundraiser for tickets in section 234-237 we will send the tickets to you or pick-up game day.

Sales office for all other ticket sales outside of reserved section 215-463-5000 and use code AWDN

Facebook: https: Facebook page

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