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USA Para-Triathlon Clinic

Over the Novemeber 14-15th weekend I attended the USA Triathlon clinic at the Virtua Wellness Center, Washington Township, NJ. In attendance were para-athletes from the Southern PA and NJ area. Para-Coaches Patty Collins, Carlos Moleda who are world class atheltes taught with local coaches Stephen nd Janice Katz, Para Coach/Olympian Teri Jordan and many others to assist us in improving our techique and skills in swimming, running and biking.

Thank you so much for allowing me to help bring more athletes to this clinic and for taking the time to teach me racing stratedgy and how to use the sport as a cross trainer. During training I fell twice trying new things and justt like the challenges I face with systemic lupus and recovering from the loss of my leg I was able to get up and keep at it. I am looking forward to the future and what great things are to come.

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