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Sprint Training in Melbourne Florida

I have been in Florida now for 6 days and it has been amazing. Not being able to train on the water has been hard, but things have progressed each day being able to train longer, and go faster. The new jantex paddle is making me honest on learning to improve technique along with Coach Deb Page working with me. She has been a driving force in going through videos like below to learn better form and create the plant to make me more competitive.

All the strength training with Kenny from Sweat, triathlon coach Chris Agresta is helping me with the transisiton back to the water. I will be returning home for my infusion, fitness clinic and heading back to Florida to continue with training. Coaching is everything after battling so hard to work through the phsyical issues. Being able to do the things I am able to do now is because of the support, encouragement from all of you.

I am looking forward to what coach has in store for me because this has been a time of figuring out the training routine, working through heart-rate to achieve training goals. I have taken two swims, one at the dock because I was smoked and couldnt push myself up which was funny and needed. The second was during a sprint, which means I was going after it and will continue to do so. My favorite visitors almost got me this morning (Manatee) surfacing in front of the boat, so I still give him/her a point.

I will be dialing things in, the paddle length has changed already and I can see the difference. Thank you all again for your support!! USA Team Trials April 30th, Lake Lanier Georgia!! Get it get it!!

Dock-1, Sprint drills-1, Manatee-1, Coach Deb-Priceless

Stay tuned for more videos

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