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I have been having a great time here I Melbourne Florida training. It has shown me my strengths and weakness of the skills I need to improve on, My fitness level has steadily gotten better and I have increased speed. The challenge I face right now is getting the proper mechanics to bring me to the level I need to be at. It has been a crazy week as well with a giant fish kill caused by land run off. Thousands of dead fish in the canals and river and trying to train makes it for some interesting paddling and smells. There is a gallery below.

In this sport the body has to link together, legs firing like pistons, working in conjunction with the timing of the catch of the paddle with your arms and torso working to drive forward, the legs and rotation of the body, all lending itself to propulsion, speed! the stuff that wins races and time standards. When training there is always what you think you are doing as an athlete, and then there is what the coach tells you what you are doing. I may look pretty, but whats actually happening isn't. It is the reality check of the day. My main goals this week is to work on hip rotation and leg movement. I have some adjustment to do to my prosthetic leg and once that's figure out its on to practicing mechanics

Adjustments were made to the leg thanks to Deb and Rich and its what was needed. Everything is working its way into the right place. Its more time on the water, more paddling, training to build comfort and fitness level. I am truly blessed to have people take the time to help me learn, and improve when they don't have to make the effort. I have truly lucked out with all the positive in my life regardless of the negatives. Test trials in Sarasota had its speed bumps with my leg breaking, but it helped me figure out what needs to be done in order for me to get faster, keep my boat straight in windy conditions like we had. My flight is booked for Germany


I arrived home this week and racing leg was redone by my fantastic awesome Prosthetist Kevin Towers and his mad scientists ED at Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International. Hopefully the weather here will get warmer and I will get some time on the water in cold NJ. Either way I will continue to work on the ergometer and head to GA on April 24th. Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing many of you at the April 17th fun run and ride with my Operation Rebound Team. If you are able to attend the comedy night fundraiser please come. It is helping me cover the costs for World Championships, travel and more. Thank you to the Helton's for letting me stay with them for over a month. I hope my river clothes did not leave a lasting mark and we will miss you all. Most of all thank you to Deb Page for having the time to help me learn, evol and begin to develop me as the competitor I know I can be,

Comedy night details can be found here. Knights of Columbus and Columbiettes Comedy night

Thank you for all the support through this stressful but fantastic adventure.

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