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April 30th, Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA

I am trul excited and looking forward to the next two months. It will not be an easy road because of many factors. I can promise you that regardless I will work hard to do my best. Everyday I am challenged myself at levels I have not been able to do before and now its just a matter of when. Not having a limitation on my heart rate, increased range of motion everything will come. Will it be in time to ensure I make one of two team slots? I don't know, but I will lay it all out there and give it my all.

The one thing I have learned over all my lifes experiences is that being relentless pays off. Not accepting the word can't and figuring out the "when" I will complete my goals. It will all take time, I have to be reasonable in my goals and looking not only two April, but long term. Paddle faster, longer, become stronger and break the mold that a person with Systemic Lupus cannot do the things I am doing and achieve success.

In the immediate goals, making the US Team and putting on the US team jersey is something I never thought I woud have a chance at after my last heart attack and accident in 2012. I am focused and nothing will take away my dreams.

Every morning I say to myself that I will achieve my dreams, I will regardless of any circumstances. Nothing will stop me. I'm only just getting started. Below is a video of what is to come. I am still raising money to cover cost for World Championships. In total I have to raise $3,000 to cover flight, hotel, boat rental costs for Duisburg. So far I have raised $500. Please pass the word around and help me achieve my goals!!! Thank you for all your support!!!!

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