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Athletes with Disabilities Network North East Chapter-Sweat Fitness Clinic

Athletes with Disabilities Network North East Chapter would like to thank Sweat Fitness for hosting the first fitness clinic for the Philadelpharegion. Sweat Fitness Director Darrell Evans, trainers Kenny Landon, Deedee Mann, and Justin Spies all took part in assisting disabled community members at the clinic. Trainers covered basic core, balance, cardio exercises that can be done at home to assist with everyday life as an amputee, Than went into more dynamic exercises that can be done working with a trainer. Justin spies met with many of the participants to review basic nutrition and training plans to assist participants in setting future goals.

Sweat Fitness has embraced becoming Athletes with Disabilities Sports Coalition Porgram by becoming an active member. Sweat has donated memberships to para-athletes helping them to maintain a healthier lifestyle. One of the biggest adjustments after facing a life changing event is getting back into the routine of things we did before. Having the support of the community helps participants stay motivated, working towards their goals.

Brandon Holiday said "As an amputee athlete and US National team hopeful I understand how hard it is to find people places and ways to train to get you into the shape for elite compeitions. Sweat Fitness has great trainers with knowledge on how to adapt exercises to meet the needs of the partpicpant to maximize there training time. "

Thank you again Sweat for all the help you have provided us!!!!


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