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United States Paracanoe Team Trials

The count down has begun! I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and am committed to taking it head on.

USA Canoe Kayak has finally announced the following dates:

USA Canoe Kayak Paralympic Team will be selected in two stages.

29-30 April 2016

USA Canoe Kayak Olympic and Paralympic Trials

The Lake Lanier Olympic Venue, Gainesville, GA

A maximum of two athletes in each Paracanoe KAYAK event will be selected to compete in the International Canoe Federation Paracanoe World Championships.

17-19 May 2016

Duisburg, Germany

The top performing USA athlete in each kayak event, who also qualifies a quota for Rio, will be nominated to the Paralympic Team.

Selection criteria for the Paralympics are being reviewed by the USOC and will be published as soon as they are approved and signed.

I wanted to thank you all or the support, because without all of you I would not have been able to make it this far. The support and encourageent keeps me going on the bad days and definitely helped me through some bad times. Many obstacles have presented themselves through this journey from health issues, to car a accident that has caused constant pain, and discomort for three years.

The years of dealing with all the things that life can throw at you and learning never to take no or answer has its rewards. I was told for years that I was just going to have to live with the pain in my neck, chest and shoulders and my doctor finally agreed to try physical therapy one more time. Well, two months later and with the help of a great mobilty DPT I have range of motion back that I haven't had with no more dull or sharp pains. It just feels surreal to have less pain in my daily life.

4 months to go and I am getting the the tools I need to train. I am working through the adjustment period incorporating new training and increasing at a pace I believe I can handle and not cause the Lupus to flare. I will post videos and photos as I can to show progress. Just knnow, I am focused and look forward to feeling the pain and changing it to power. My limitations are that there are no limitations only figuring out what I have to do to acheive the goals I set for myself given my individual circumstances. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and New Year!!

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