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Mental Toughness

While at training camp one of the things that we discussed was mental tougness and preparation. To be able to let things go that frustrate you and focus on the positive. One of the hardest things during that time was the distance paddling to work on our technique. We all move at a different pace when doing this to make sure you get the most out of a workout. The hardest part of one of the days was when I was excited when keeping pace with the group, and my hips were opening up and leg driving was happening. This was a big break through for me. During that time my prosthetic leg decided the pain in driving with that leg was going to feel like it did when I first lost my leg and had wounds the doctors were trying to heal. I had to take breaks from the pain and fell far behind the group, but finished the paddle workout. I was bothered at first becuase I had not had that type of pain in a long time and learned to let it go. Sitting there at the doc, getting my legs back and noticing that good things happened that day aside from the pain. Flashing back to those memories is not the best place that I want to be, but if this continues to happen maybe this will help me get past those bad memories and turn it into something positive, like becoming a faster paddler because I worked through the pain and achieved the goals I needed.

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